Jay Electronica gave fans some bread crumbs to nibble on today as he continues to make us wait on the full meal of a record. Every now and again Jay hops online and makes sure folks don't forget that he's working on something big, and today was no different. In a Q&A session with fans, someone asked, "Are we getting new material?" to which Jay answered yes. Another person wanted to know, "Are you and HOV doing a project together?" To that one Jay answered, "Possibly. Likely."

Just last week Jay shared some music on Instagram and fans went wild wanting more. These Jay Z joint album rumors have been floating in the sea so long that some people think they should just drown, but it would be quite the project to see these greats get together. 

Jay recently had a few things to say about Soulja Boy, following Draco's The Breakfast Club interview that quickly went viral. He tweeted, “You have to give credit where it’s due. I too followed [Soulja Boy’s] blueprint and made myself known via internet initially as well. I was even labeled a 'internet rapper' those days #LongLiveKingDraco." Elliot Wilson of RapRadar teased Jay saying, "Jay Electronica gonna act like we forgot he still ain’t drop his album." Considering this has been nearly 10 years in the making, the jokes will continue to roll in until we get that sauce...and we can't wait for it.