Jay Electronica doesn't seem like the first rapper you'd expect to incite a stage rush, but he did just that at his Made In America performance Saturday. Footage of the set shows Electronica encouraging fans to bypass security and stand alongside him, and naturally, the crowd followed his instructions, swarming Elec only moments after his request. 

“Let’s try to collapse this motherfucking stage. Let’s try to tear this bitch down," Jay can be heard saying. "If you're scared stay down there. If you're not scared, come up here with me.”

Over one thousand people made their way to the stage, causing police to intervene after security became overwhelmed. No arrests were made.

One fan account from the Philadelphia Inquirer suggests that Elec's decision to bring the crowd on stage was an attempt to maintain their attention after some fans spotted Philly's own Lil Uzi Vert walking by.