Jay Cutler might not be the NFL quarterback he once was but he can still get the job done when it comes to other things apparently. Cutler is married to Kristin Cavallari and the two have been staples of reality TV for a while now. On Kristin's latest reality show on E! titled Very Cavallari, she got into a very personal conversation while at dinner with some friends. The reality star spoke about how she was having trouble breastfeeding her child because she had clogged milk ducts in her breasts. That's when she revealed that Cutler himself had to help her out.

"Major clogged ducts. Jay had to get them out for me, sucking harder than he’s ever sucked and you know what? Saved my life," Cavallari said.

In the clip posted above, Cutler seems pretty content with himself as he throws his hands up in the air with a bit of a shrug.

While Cutler is out here saving the day, unfortunately, his NFL career has hit a bit of a snag. After an unsuccessful year in Miami back in 2017, Cutler retired from the game and has been living the life with his wife Kristin ever since.

Based on this latest story, clearly, things are going just fine for Jay.