Jay Critch's name has been popping up in many circles for a few years, but he only released debut project that finally dropped earlier this month. Hood Favorite confirmed what everyone's been saying about the Brooklyn rapper for a minute: he's the next New York rapper to blow up. Many became familiar with Jay Critch through his association to Rich The Kid who signed the rapper to his label, Rich Forever. Through the label's compilation projects, Critch showed promising signs of becoming the next hottest rapper out of New York City with his efforts on "Rich Forever Intro," "Did It Again" and more. His single "Ego" helped ramp up the anticipation for Hood Favorite and showcased his ability to mesh flow and lyricism together effortlessly. On the latest episode of "On The Come Up," Critch discusses his rise in the rap game, Hood Favorite and more.

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"Around 8th grade, freshman year of high school, I started going hard with the music,"  the 21-year-old rapper tells us about his entrance in the rap game. "When I started recording songs on my friend's computer and just playing them for my friends like people in my neighborhood, and I seen their reaction, that's when it clicked for me, like, I could really do it. That's when I started going hard. Everybody was tellin' me they like my songs, keep going, that it could really turn into something big."

Critch's hometown of Brooklyn has produced some of the most celebrated lyricists in hip-hop such as Biggie and Jay-Z -- two artists he cites as his early influences. His music doesn't necessarily have the "quintessential" New York sound, but he does believe that his sound is leading the way for a new era of hip-hop coming out of New York City.

"I feel like my sound is the new wave of New York," he said. "I make sure [there's] still lyrics and flow to it and people could still turn up and to it. You want it to be enjoyable and not only just straight lyrics, lyrics. So I try to make it a mix of both. I feel like I do that very well."

Critch's unique sound and the buzz he created in Brooklyn is what helped get the attention of Rich The Kid. Critch credits that Rich The Kid for having an ear for "who could pop." Alongside Famous Dex, the three of them formed Rich Forever and their chemistry is undeniable.

"First time we got in the studio, it was just clicking. It was me, Rich and Dex. We made most of Rich Forever 3 tape that same day," he recalled. "Just playing beats, and knocking out songs. The chemistry was just there from the start."

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