JaVale McGee has been one of the more enigmatic centers in the NBA over the past few years. At times, McGee has struggled on the court while other times, he looks downright dominant. As of right now, McGee is on the Los Angeles Lakers and he has been making his presence felt all season long. Whether you like McGee or not, there is no denying he can be entertaining at times and is giving the Lakers a real chance to contend.

As it turns out, McGee is multitalented. It was revealed recently that McGee also goes by the name "Pierre" and can produce and write music. In fact, his latest endeavor was writing and producing on the track "Available" which is off of Justin Bieber's brand new album Changes.

When it comes to music production, this is certainly the biggest look McGee has gotten thus far. Say what you will about the song or Bieber's music, but there is no denying that it's cool to see an NBA star excelling in something outside of his main craft. With this most recent production credit, perhaps we will see McGee give us even more tracks in the future.

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