Fox Sports personality Jason Whitlock has some scorching hot takes regarding LeBron James and the racism he experiences. 

Whitlock made an appearance on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd to discuss comments LeBron made after someone spray-painted the n-word on the gates leading up to his Los Angeles home.

In short, Whitlock doesn't believe LeBron experiences "real racism" just "disrespectful inconveniences." 

Among Whitlock's comments,

"I think it is a disrespectful inconvenience for LeBron James," said Whitlock of the incident. "He allegedly had the n-word spray-painted on his $20 million Brentwood home. He wasn't there. His family wasn't there. He heard about it."

"Racism is an issue in America but is primarily an issue for the poor. It's not LeBron James' issue," said Whitlock. "He has removed himself from the damages and the ravages of real racism. He may have an occasional disrespectful interaction with someone, a disrespectful inconvenience."

"LeBron needs to quit embracing his victimhood because he's not a victim and it's a terrible message for black people," said Whitlock.

“I used to be a black kid and [people would say racist slurs to me]. It wasn’t that big of a deal. If someone denies you an opportunity — you can’t go to school here, you can’t have this, you can’t have that — that is the impact of racism. LeBron was inconvenienced. Racism affects the poor. For him to sit there and say, ‘No matter where you are, it’s tough being black in America’? It ain’t tough being LeBron James. It ain’t tough being Oprah Winfrey.”

You can check out Whitlock's full comments in the video below, followed by some of the reactions from his colleague Mike Hill and Packers tight end Martellus Bennett.