Multi-talented artist Jason Weaver has steadily worked on his acting career ever since he was a child. You may remember him as portraying a young Michael Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream back in 1992 and two years later, his voice was used for the singing parts of young Simba in Disney's classic The Lion King animation. By the time Jason became a teenager, he began to take his music career a tad more seriously, but unfortunately, he never became the successful artist he'd hoped to be.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

When he was 16, Jason released his debut album Love Ambition on Motown Records. He shareed two singles, "Love Ambition (Call on Me)", and "I Can't Stand the Pain," and while the album is still considered a classic in his hometown of Chicago, Jason believes that it may have been a bit too mature or ahead of its time for what audiences thought he should have been singing about.

The actor recently sat down with Comedy Hype and chatted about the demise of his singing career, and Jason attributed it to being stifled by record label executives. "I wasn't able to express myself fully as an artist," he said. "I felt that I was dictated to more than my ideas being heard. I felt I was moving in a way as an artist that was unauthentic as far as who I was and what I wanted to represent and what my story was."

"There were a lot of suits and a lot of adults telling me what to do," he added. "And ultimately because—and this is my personal opinion—because it wasn't coming from me, because it wasn't coming from my heart and my spirit, it wasn't received as well as it should have been because I think that's what the public may have felt as well." Watch his video clip below and give "Love Ambition (Call On Me)" a listen.