When you think of Jason Derulo, several phrases immediately spring to mind, but I'm almost positive that NFL Halftime Show performer isn't one of them.

However, for better or worse, that's what those enjoying the Thanksgiving Day festivities live in Detroit were treated to earlier this afternoon. Derulo, whose most recent single "Tip Toe" boasts French Montana as the featured performer, ran through an awkward-sounding set of some of his most popular songs, including "Talk Dirty to Me," "Love Like That" and "Want to Want Me." The stage rush, the sound, the choreography, the visuals and everything else seemed more than a little off-kilter and, before the game was through, all of the turkey gobblers took time out of their busy eating and family time schedules to make sure this kind of deed didn't go unroasted.

To be fair, Derulo didn't purposely tank the performance in any way, nor is he at the level of stardom where it's going to do lasting damage to his career. That being said, social media users are a ruthless bunch, and JD didn't escape the scathing burns that rolled in, especially from those using Twitter. Behold but a mere sampling of the drag fest that ensued:


One fan's experience watching the performance with her grandfather was especially horrific.


Another user tried to discern what Derulo's fan base actually looks like. The screengrab speaks for itself.


However, there were at some people on Twitter who put a positive spin on the whole incident.


As for Derulo's new material, there's no telling if "Tip Toe" was just a one-off or if he has an album's worth of material awaiting his fans. One thing is for sure though: the next time he performs during a Thanksgiving Day sporting event in the United States, he'd better switch up the lyrics in arguably his most popular song to read "Talk Turkey To Me."