A bet's a bet. You have to be living in the greatest heights of confidence in order to make a bet where you're wagering a shaved eyebrow. A friendly game on the basketball court often turns into players making innocent bets that usually involve money, but Jason Derulo decided to up the ante and told his friend that the first one to miss a shot had to shave off an eyebrow.

Jason Derulo
Matthias Nareyek / Stringer / Getty Images

After a couple of rounds, Jason's shot was slightly off so he was the one holding the clippers. His friend stood close to him to make sure it all went down accordingly, and in a video shared to TikTok, it looks as if Jason Derulo has an eyebrow riding solo-dolo. He took things from TikTok to Instagram when he posed for a shirtless selfie, writing in the caption, "How long this $h!t gon’ take to grow back."

Later, in a Zoom interview with Elvis Duran, the singer claimed that the eyebrow-shaving bet was all a prank. "That was a little CGI, don’t tell nobody," he said. "Basically we played a game and the first one to miss was supposed to shave off their eyebrow. But you know, it was for the video. I probably wouldn’t have lost if it was, ya know, real." Check out the clips of Jason Derulo and his buddies below and let us know if you think this is real or fake.


Miss a shot shave an eyebrow 😰 @mrmovi3

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How long does it take for an eyebrow to grow back?!?! @mrmovi3

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