Jason Derulo's career has been revitalized. Going viral several times on TikTok and even clocking in a Top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, the singer is back on everybody's minds. He must be pissed about Trump's executive order to ban TikTok unless it's bought by an America company before the end of next month, especially considering the fact that he reportedly makes BANK for each video he posts.

Despite TikTok's possible demise, Jason Derulo still needs to crank out constant content for his fans, linking up with Will Smith (another content king) to release their latest shenanigan-filled clip.

Inviting the artist to his home to try out his new golf simulation game, Jason Derulo got his shot ready but when Will walked over to help his form, Jason pulled off his swing, hitting the legendary actor in the mouth and "knocking out" some of his teeth. 


"I know a good dentist.. text me back," wrote Derulo in the comments to Smith's post.

He followed it up by posing side-by-side with the man after ruining his million-dollar smile, flashing the grill with Will revealing that his front teeth are totally destroyed after this incident.


In case you forget, Jason Derulo recently dropped a similar video, except that one was solo. He also "chipped" his teeth so this was surely just a prank from the two funnymen. 

Of course, with TikTok on its way down, the pair went to Instagram Reels to drop this.