Jas Prince is still trying to get money off Drake's career, a feat he attempted back in 2012 when he sued Drake's management. Now he's coming after Cash Money and Birdman directly. More legal trouble involving unpaid dues for the Cash Money label.

Back in 2012, Jas filed a lawsuit after being stiffed on payments from Drake's management-- he also claimed Drake himself was being cheated out of money from his management (sound familiar?). Perhaps the lawsuit was never completely settled, because now Jas has filed legal documents demanding that Cash Money open their books to find out how many millions of dollars Drake has made for the label.

Jas says that he's been compensated only $2 million for discovering the Toronto rapper, but he believes Drizzy has made Cash Money $40 million. Simply put, he's looking for more dollars. He's not the only one coming at Cash Money right now, with recent lawsuits from both Weezy and Turk targeting the label.

Jas' father, J. Prince, recently called out Diddy, Suge Knight, Lil Wayne and a few others in a diss track meant to defend Drake. Meanwhile, Drake moved half a million copies of his new mixtape in less than a week.