Our world has drastically changed in the last few days. As social distancing becomes a thing, humans across the globe are being urged to stay inside their homes and avoid any non-essential contact with others. The novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and, in Italy, the death toll has reached a depressingly large number. It's crazy to think that some people still aren't even aware of the pandemic but, much like actor Jared Leto, there are those that are not yet privy to details of the change in our lifestyles.

Jared Leto Coronavirus
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The star of Dallas Buyers Club took to social media on Monday (March 16) to tell his followers that he had just found out about the coronavirus pandemic after returning from a 12-day meditation retreat.

"Wow. 12 days ago I began a silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated. No phone, no communication, etc. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility. Walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that's been changed forever. Mind blowing - to say the least," wrote Leto on Instagram.

"I'm getting messages from friends and family all around the globe and catching up on what's going on. Hope you and yours are ok. Sending positive energy to all. Stay inside. Stay safe."

During such a crucial time, it's important for us all to practice social distancing right now before things get worse than they already are. Take care of yourself and your family.