Janelle Monae Drops Off Futuristic "Crazy, Classic, Life" Music Video

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December 12, 2018 16:53

Janelle Monae follows up on her "Dirty Computer" album with new visuals.

Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer album (that made our top R&B album's list) arrived in April and luckily we're still getting video treatments for the tape to this day. The latest visual is for the second single "Crazy, Classic, Life" where the six-minute clip plays into the whole “emotion picture” theme of the tape. 

In it we see Janelle living her best life with her steady group of friends and they end up at a party that's held in an empty pool - arriving there by a hover car. Every detail in the video is very appreciated as the little things from a models colored eyeshadow to the jewelry is seemingly so crafted to fit the futuristic feel.

The peek of the video is when Janelle meets up with Tessa Thompson's character which makes her the happiest in the video. 

"I wrote it from a deeply personal space, but I also kept in mind the importance of community for people like myself who identify in many of these marginalized groups. From the LGBTQI community, to black women, to minorities, my Latina and Latino brothers and sisters -- my heart is deeply connected to immigrants and what they're going through in this country," Janelle said when describing her intern for the album. "There's an interconnectedness that I wanted to be at the center of this project: I'm a black woman, but I still understand your pain and how you feel as someone who has felt pushed to the margins of society because of where they come from."

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