You may have heard about Jamie Foxx's incredible house party after hosting the 2018 BET Awards, but if you're worthy of an invitation, you'd have known that Foxx has been throwing these type of parties for a long time. In fact, he wasn't just hosting some of the biggest artists in music, he was interviewing them and having them perform, a concept that he's now sold to Grey Goose for his Off Script series. "What I've always wanted to do is put artists in the same room," he said in an interview with Complex, recalling early parties where he had Diddy come through and give motivational speeches on a mic. He also remembers meeting Jay-Z and Pharrell early in their careers at some of his parties.

"I've done that now for Drake, Ross, 2 Chainz. Anytime someone is celebrated and I called it 'On My Balcony,'" he said. According to Foxx, the Drake event came early in his career as well. "It was 2500 people, and I would say 2000 women counted... Drake shows up, it's his first album, so the clothes didn't fit, didn't have the tailor yet... I had a drive-in poster of his picture with the pea-coat."

After interviewing the rapper, Jamie remembers telling him that he had to perform. When Drizzy wasn't sure what to do, Foxx says he urged him to "sing something," to which he agreed by busting into "Find Your Love" to a very warm reception: "Place goes up in flames!"

"I had a concert pianist show up at 4 in the morning and play all of Drake's music unplugged, and then we rapped on it," he remembered. It definitely sounds like something a lot of Drake fans would have killed to see. 

So far, Foxx has interviewed the likes of Denzel Washington, Benicio Del Toro and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on his new web series. Here's hoping he and Drake reunite for another sit-down. Tune in here and watch the interview above.