Despite all the recent speculation on Jamie Foxx's romantic relationships, he appears to be unbothered. Last week, it was revealed that Foxx had split with actress, Katie Holmes, whom he had been dating on the low for six years. He was then photographed holding hands with 21-year-old emerging singer, Sela Vave, which sparked more rumors. He later denied being romantically involved with Vave, citing her being too close to his daughter's age as a reason. People were once again confused when it was reported that Vave moved into Foxx's home, but he clarified that as normal given his role as her music career mentor. The most confusing part of this story may have been Foxx referring to Vave as "the future Beyoncé", because why would anyone ever make a Beyoncé comparison? Beyoncé is Beyoncé. 

Anyway, people can keeping talking on Foxx's name and he's just gonna keep dancing apparently. Today, he posted a brief clip of him wiggling his leg and flailing his torso to a bassy dance track as people cheer him on in the background. Foxx is feeling so cheerful that he even decided to turn himself into a meme by listing the occasions that would cause him to react with these moves. In the caption, he writes: "I dance like this when.... 1. The caffeine kicks in… 2.the check clears… 3. Just got threw watching the opening of COMING TO AMERICA." It seems the 51-year-old went too hard because he also said that he'd have to ice his hamstring after that dance.