Jamie Foxx is set to join the Netflix Orginal family since reports suggest he and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been tapped to star in an upcoming sci-fi thriller. The name of the movie has yet to be released, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be helmed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the filmmakers behind Catfish and Paranormal Activity.

The expected month of production is in October and it will follow a "heightened sci-fi action thriller" set in Portland during a drug epidemic that gives people a range of superpowers. Joseph is said to play a cop whose job is to get the drug off the streets but the only way to do that is to take the drug himself. 

Jamie's next film to hit theatres will be Robin Hood, out November 21st. He's also involved in the wrongful-conviction drama Just Mercy alongside Michael B. Jordan. The film follows the Bryan Stevenson memoirs of the same name, who later went on to form the Equal Justice Initiative that fights on behalf of the wrongly condemned and death-row prisoners trapped in the criminal justice system.