James Harden has been dominating the NBA over the past few years when it comes to offense and putting up impressive numbers. While Harden has been a special talent out on the court, he has received a ton of criticism for his constant traveling. Fans feel as though he is never called for his travels, especially when it comes to his signature step-back three-pointer. To counteract this, Harden has come up with a brand new shot this season which involves him shooting on one leg.

During the Houston Rockets' first preseason game, harden debuted the move for the first time and ended up missing his shot. On Thursday night, Harden tried the shot again and you guessed it, he missed. This time around, Harden was fouled and got three shots at the free-throw line. 

While the move is pretty flashy, it doesn't seem to be working for Harden so far and fans really aren't that impressed. NBA Twitter immediately lit up last night as arm-chair pundits and Monday morning quarterbacks urged Harden to stop doing the move if it wasn't going to result in any buckets. Harden probably won't be listening to these fans anytime soon although it's clear he'll need to switch up his approach if he wants to get people on his side.