James Harden has always been an elite offensive player in the NBA and over the past couple of seasons specifically, there has been discourse about whether or not he is the best offensive threat to ever play the game. At the beginning of this season, it became clear that Harden wanted a change of scenery, and that's exactly what he got as he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets this past week. Last night, Harden played his very first game with the team and he had an incredible outing, as he notched 32 points, 14 assists, and 12 rebounds, while also running up some defensive stats.

This performance was complemented by none other than Kevin Durant who was able to deliver 42 points in the Nets' 7-point victory over the Orlando Magic. Harden and Durant's chemistry was apparent from the jump and at this point, the Nets look like they are ready to take over the entire league, especially with Kyrie coming back this week.

Throughout the game, fans were impressed with the way Harden was playing, with many delivering their hot takes on what this Nets team can do. Following the match, these takes were amplified, and it's clear that some are leaving the Lakers behind right now.

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