The Houston Rockets are going to be one of the most interesting teams to watch next season, as fellow NBA MVPs James Harden and Russell Westbrook reunite to form arguably the most explosive backcourt in the league.

Sure, it will likely take some time for the superstar duo to get into a rhythm out on the court but Harden is already looking forward to the playoffs, and going to battle alongside a "killer" like Westbrook. 

Per Bleacher Report's Howard Beck:

There will be an adjustment period, “a lot of ups and downs” through the regular season, Harden concedes. “But I’m more excited to go into war, postseason, with somebody that is, like, a dog,” he says. “Somebody that’s a killer, for real.”

Harden adds, "Russ isn't just like one of my old teammates that I was in Oklahoma City with; Russ has been my brother since I was 10. Our communication is different. The way we talk to each other is different."

The Beard's comments to Bleacher Report echo his thoughts in a recent interview with GQ, as he explained that he hopes the team will be firing on all cylinders by the time the playoffs roll around.

“It’s like, yo, we’ll figure it out,” Harden said in his interview with GQ. “Everything isn’t necessarily going to be smooth at first, there are going to be ups and downs, and that’s part of an 82-game season. Hopefully, by the end of the season, we’ve caught a rhythm and everybody is on the same page going into the playoffs. That’s all you can ask for.

The new-look Rockets will kickoff the 2019 season at home against reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks on October 24.