This is James Harden's year to collect silverware. If team accolades prove elusive once again, maybe a small part of his ego will be satisfied in knowing that gave it all this year. Of course the 2017-2018 NBA season is but 3/4 done. Basketball is one of the major team sports in which individual contributions are very tangible and easy to identify. Put a star player in a winning system, keep them motivated and you've got yourself a chance within an earshot. Of course the Rockets are but one team looking to disrupt Golden State's dynasty-in-the-making.

If anybody believes in James Harden's contributions to his teams, it's his own coach Mike D'Antoni. D'Antoni did not mince his words after Tuesday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers, another team sitting high atop the Western Conference standings. It was Harden's heroics which helped his team pull away in the dying seconds of the game. When pressed for commentary, D'Antoni added that "He's (Harden) the best offensive player I’ve ever seen." 

Coach D'Antoni support his claims by picking apart Harden's discernible skillset:

"He’s a hell of a player, first off. It’s a combination of everything. There are other players who might be better at this, or a little bit better at that. But when you put everything together, and the way he passes, the way he sees teammates, the way he can lob, the way he can fight through a foul. I mean even on an off night, he’s probably getting 30, 40 points, and I mean efficiently. And he doesn’t even have anything going. But he’s so efficient, and he gets other guys involved. … He’s got one flaw. He does get tired some. He’s mortal. And that’s it."

How do you feel James Harden compares to past greats on the offensive side of the floor. Share your thoughts down below.