NBA players throughout the league have been in an unspoken competition over the last few years to see who can come through with the best outfits. There are some players who always seem to wow fans with their pregame attire while other players are promptly roasted for what they bring to the table. Of course, fashion is a form of personal expression and these players are free to wear whatever they want, even if the fans may have a very strong opinion about it.

Regardless, there was recently an NBA fashion survey conducted by RushOrderTees which took the voices of 28,000 fans into consideration. These fans were asked who they thought was the worst dressed player in the NBA, and by the end of the survey, it was determined that James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets took the top spot.

James Harden

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Other players who were determined to have bad fashion sense were Serge Ibaka, Kyle Kuzma, and Gary Trent Jr. The Ibaka inclusion doesn't seem like a very fair one when you consider how Ibaka has been known for having solid outfits. Clearly, the fans in the survey have a bit of an anti-Los Angeles bias.

As for Harden, this latest survey shouldn't come as a surprise especially since Harden has been steadily roasted for his outfits all throughout his career. Regardless, it can't feel good to have the fans roast you like this.