James Harden is one of the best players in the entire NBA and if there is one thing that fans know about him, it's that he likes to spend some money in the strip club. In fact, Harden has been seen partying at these clubs at various points throughout the pandemic, which has gotten him in trouble with the league. More recently, however, bizarre stories began to surface online that Harden was spending his money in a completely different place. Essentially, these stories claimed that Harden had paid rapper Saweetie $100K just to go on a date.

This story is so salacious in nature that it eventually went viral online, and since then, many have taken to their respective social media platforms to give some commentary. For instance, just hours ago, 50 Cent commented on the matter and seemed very suspicious of Harden's alleged actions. Now, Harden himself is speaking out about the whole thing, and he is denying every single word of it.

"I'm tired of people creating these fake ass stories knowing I really don't speak on bullshit," Harden said. "Leave me out of all the weird shit. Shit trash. Back to my real life. I really stay out the way. Cashapp 100K? Beat it."

It's unclear as to where this rumor even came from, as it seems pretty out of the blue, and truly out of the ordinary. Regardless, it was something Harden felt he needed to respond to and it's nice to have some clarity on the situation.


Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp