A photographer in Los Angeles (read: a nagging member of the paparazzi) has accused James Harden of breaking his finger after he grilled the Rockets' guard about his opinion on Donald Trump outside of a lounge in Hollywood. Fear the beard bro, ever heard of it?

According to the TMZ, the photographer claims he asked Harden about Trump and that's when The Beard lashed out, pushing the camera and subsequently breaking the dudes finger. Cops are now investigating the claim to see if there's any evidence, including video and/or medical records, to back up his story.

Listen, if someone runs up on you while you're enjoying your life at a lounge in Hollywood and quizzes you about Donald Trump, you're within your constitutional right to break one, or all, of their fingers. In fact, that goes for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton questions too- keep all of that politic jargon away from the Hollywood lounges. 

Of course, Harden has not been charged with any crimes but this is a case that the LAPD is currently investigating.