Superhero films have been done in a variety of different ways. There are those with a more serious tone, like Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight or James Mangold's Logan. Others embrace comedy, like Ant-Man & The Wasp or Guardians Of The Galaxy. Some are truly epic in scope like Avengers: Infinity War, while some are more family oriented, like The Incredibles. Some dabble in gritty, violent realism, like the Kick-Ass series or The Watchmen. The Superhero genre has expanded and experimented with, and the results have varied in both tone and quality. Now, it would appear that a new subgenre is on the verge of arriving: superhero horror.

The new trailer James Gunn's Brightburn provides a deep, and arguably too-revealing look at the upcoming film. Set to arrive on May 29th, Brightburn centers around a child's arrival to Earth, where he is adopted by a Midwestern family, not unlike the character on which he is based. Only unlike Clark Kent, Jackson A. Dunn is of a more villainous disposition. Boasting powers of super strength, super speed, and laser-eye vision, the kid seems more than willing to dip his toes in darker territory. 

While it's difficult to assess how deep Brightburn will go into full-fledged horror, it's certainly shot with the aesthetic in mind. For the most part, Superhero-Horror is a relatively new genre, with the upcoming X-Men: New Mutants looking to carry on tradition. Does it have legs? Check out the trailer below, and sound off below.