Yesterday was massive for the baseball world as it was announced that the Cleveland Indians would officially be changing their name to the Guardians. For years, the team's nickname had been criticized by activists, and just last year, they announced that they would look for a new name that would better suit the community. After a long wait, the name was finally unveiled and we even have some new logos to feast our eyes on.

For the most part, fans are happy with the new name although they do feel as though the logo could have been slightly better. One of those people is none other than Hollywood director James Gunn who is the man behind Guardians of the GalaxyThe Guardians name is one that is near and dear to Gunn's heart, and he was hoping the MLB team would pay homage to the movie with their logo.

James Gunn

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

In the tweet below, Gunn explains how the team should have made Rocket Racoon their logo, and that he could have even been holding a machine gun. A fan even made a nice rendering for Gunn, which definitely looks pretty badass. Of course, the Guardians would have to get the license from Marvel, which probably isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Regardless, Marvel fans can only fantasize about what could have been. With that said, let us know what you think of the actual logo, in the comments below.