Today, James Blake prepared the masses for his upcoming Assume Form project, which is set to hit streaming services at midnight. Speaking with Zane Lowe, Blake opened up about the process of crafting his recent "Mile High" joint, which features the additional talents of Metro Boomin and Travis Scott.

Though mere hours old, reception for the atmospheric banger is already looking favorable, with many praising Metro's evolving production aesthetic."I walked into the studio and Metro was playing, he just started playing the beat to Travis," explains Blake. "Travis was already there. I heard he was in there, but I didn't know that the idea was that it was not exactly my session, but like a session where we were making something for my record."

"I think Metro and Travis understood that this was something involving me. So, I walk in. Travis is like already putting something down on the beat," he explains. "I go, "Wow. This is great. This sounds brilliant, what he's doing." Then, when he finished ... I waited 10 minutes or so. Let it run around. Let us hear it and stuff. And I was like, "Guys, do you mind if I do a vocal?" Zane seems to find the notion that Blake requested laying vocals for his own album to be rather amusing.

"So, I do my vocal. I kind of fed off Travis. It was a really wonderful thing to watch him work," continues Blake. "The whole session was great. I love that song. What was so great about it is he just slotted so well into the record, as it already was." As it happens, Blake and Travis are in the process of developing an excellent sense of chemistry, with "Mile High" picking up where the stellar "Stop Trying To Be God" left off. Be sure to check out the full interview now, and peep the song in question right here