When George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, almost no one expected what would happen next. His death sparked protests all across the United States and even in countries overseas. Simply put, people are sick and tired of the atrocities committed by police, especially when disproportionately affecting black people. The Black Lives Matter movement is as potent as ever and we have seen plenty of celebrities and even athletes partake in some of the demonstrations.

Over the weekend, the newest addition to the New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winson, took to the streets and participated in a Black Lives Matter protest with his son. Winston posted some pictures from the protest and as you can see, he is looking to inspire some real change. In his caption on IG, Winston even urged others to go out and make a difference.

"Relentless pursuit towards making this world better for generations to come! It starts now! If not now then when?" Winston said.

Winston is showing some great leadership here and we're sure it will inspire many of his Saints teammates to go out and do the same. We are living in unprecedented times and it's quite clear that the world needs a bit of a reset. 

If more people continue to protest, a bigger difference can be made.