Jamal Murray had himself a hell of a game at the Pepsi Center last night. Arguably one of the best games in his young NBA career. 

The Nuggets' 20-year old guard finished with a team-high 33 points and five dimes in Denver's 127-124 overtime victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Murray also notched one devastating ankle breaker, at the expensive of OKC center, Steven Adams.

Adams found himself alone on an island with Murray right in front of the Nuggets bench and before he could even say "Jesus, take the wheel," he was on his knees watching Murray's three-pointer touch nothing but net. It's just not fair.

It was reminiscent of another former Pittsburgh big man who was tasked with guarding an explosive guard. Y'all remember Gary McGhee? And the time he tried to contain Kemba Walker in the Big East Tournament? If not, allow me to refresh your memory.

As always, #NBATwitter provided the necessary commentary after Murray's diabolical move. Check out some of the reactions below.