Yesterday afternoon, the Boston Celtics revealed that they would not be airing an Isaiah Thomas tribute video when the Cavs visit Boston on February 11th because that date is already reserved for Paul Pierce's jersey retirement. 

In short, The Truth told Celtics GM Danny Ainge that the only video packages shown on February 11th should be in celebration of #34. The team ultimately scrapped plans to honor Isaiah Thomas during player introductions.

During last night's taping of "ESPN NBA Countdown," Jalen Rose spoke about the Paul Pierce vs Isaiah Thomas video tribute drama, while Pierce was on the set. Rose made his position quite clear.

"I think it was petty on Paul Pierce's part, because to me there's going to be all types of announcements that happen during the 48 minutes of that game, all types," Rose said. "Celebrating Isaiah Thomas could be one of them. It does not take away from your situation, like Kobe's [Bryant] happened during the game, but they're doing yours postgame."

Isaiah Thomas seemed to appreciate Rose calling Pierce petty.

Pierce responded to Rose, "Throughout the game you're going to have different memories from the time I spent there, so now you take another two minutes from the memories." He also threw in a jab about the time Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points on Rose while he was a member of the Toronto Raptors, but the joke didn't land as smoothly as he thought it would.

Scroll down to check out video of Rose and Pierce's comments from NBA Countdown.