NBA Countdown Host and ESPN NBA Analyst Jalen Rose is no stranger to the hip-hop community, considering the mark he and the Fab Five made on sporting culture and fashion. Much of which mimicked rappers of the era.

In an interview with XXL,Rose revealed what his top three albums of all-time are and also dropped his thoughts on Dr. Dre,

"Whew! Wow, you’re going straight between the eyes. When you asked that question, there were two that just flat out came to my mind. [Jay Z’s] Reasonable Doubt and [Nas’] Illmatic are the automatic two. Those straight came to my mind. Ice’s Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted is the third. Also, I have to say this. I’ve been saying this for 10 years and people didn’t start paying attention to him until he started having some billion dollar headphones. Dr. Dre is the most influential artist and producer in hip-hop history."

Jalen Rose will always be the king of the hot take.