The whole NBA world was in a state of shock and disbelief last night when Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant reinjured himself after his first game back from a right calf strain injury. It is believed that Durant tore his Achilles which is a catastrophic injury which would leave him out of action for a full 12 months. Should this be the case, he would miss all of next season. This is a devastating outcome as Durant becomes a free agent on June 30th and will be eligible for a supermax contract. With this injury, teams will be wary about giving Durant so much money.

Since Durant's injury, many players have come out in support of Durant, with the team's general manager breaking down in tears over it. On ESPN's First Take, Jalen Rose blasted those who are starting to feel bad for KD all of a sudden, as Rose believes they never really cared about the star to begin with. In the video below, he says many of the people feeling sorry for KD, are the same ones who wanted to rush him back in the lineup and even said the Warriors were better without him.

"Everybody's fake acting like they care about KD's best interest when they don't. It's phony to me," Rose explained.

The Warriors were able to win the game last night and have forced a Game 6 which will go down Thursday in Oakland.