It's safe to say, 2018 NFL season hasn't unfolded the way the Jacksonville Jaguars would have expected. Entering the season, the Jags were expected to build on their success from the previous campaign, after coming up just a few points shy of reaching the Super Bowl.

NFL insiders speaking with ESPN, have been told that a few of the more ambitious players on the roster, including cornerback Jalen Ramsey, are very close to pressuring front office for a trade in the offseason.

At least one NFL general manager with optics on the situation believes the team will eventually put Jalen Ramsey on the trade block, but not before season's end. In response, the Jaguars have issued a statement of their own, to put an end to any scrutiny over their franchise talent. "The Jaguars have zero intention of trading CB Jalen Ramsey," the team stated in a press release. "There is no truth to this rumor."

Most of the scrutiny surrounding his availability has come from Jalen Ramsey himself. A few days ago, the star cornerback used Twitter as an outlet to voice his apparent dissatisfaction, later clarifying that he meant no ill will towards his employer, but with supposed "fake fans" who'd grown impatient with the team's on-field performances.

Despite starting the year on solid footing within the first 4 weeks of the schedule, the Jaguars now sit in last place in the all-important AFC South - their underwhelming 3-6 record forcing them to look ahead to next season, with plenty of football left to play on the pitch.