The explosive Kansas City Chiefs offense will face their toughest test of the season this Sunday as Jalen Ramsey, AJ Bouye and the stingy Jacksonville Jaguars come to town for a much anticipated matchup at Arrowhead Stadium. 

Thru four weeks this season, the undefeated Chiefs lead the league in touchdowns with 19 and are scoring an NFL-best 36.3 points per game. Meanwhile, the 3-1 Jags boast the NFL's top-ranked defense, allowing just 14 points per game and holding opponents to an average of 259.3 total net yards. 

Kansas City's speedy receiver Tyreek Hill will likely be matched up against Jacksonville's lock down corner Jalen Ramsey on Sunday, and both players are looking forward to the matchup. Although, Ramsey has told the media, "It’s not a wide receiver versus a corner matchup."

Earlier today, Hill told reporters, "He think high of himself. He's all right, I guess. I can't wait to line up against him. I hope he presses me." He added, "He's a great player. To get my name out there more, I need to go up against more talent like him. I'm not calling [Denver's] Chris Harris or nobody else bad, but he's top dog right now, so I can't wait."

Naturally, Ramsey also had something to get off his chest before Sunday's showdown against the Chiefs' high-powered offense. The 23-year old Pro Bowler stressed the fact that he made All-Pro as a corner, while Hill's greatest achievements came as a return specialist.

"I don’t like how whoever has made it a matchup — me against Tyreek. He’s good for what he does for their team. He made All-Pro as a return specialist. Let’s get that right — as a return specialist, his rookie year. He went to two Pro Bowls as a return specialist. A return specialist, two years. I made All-Pro in my position as a corner. I went to the Pro Bowl as a corner. It’s not a wide receiver versus a corner matchup. We can get that out of the way off bat."

Ramsey continued, "If you look at my film, what do I do every day every week? I play press, right? No matter what, who I’m playing. If he wants smoke, it will get there.”

Check out footage of Ramsey's comments in the videos embedded below.