Jalen Ramsey was asked if he feared coming up against Rob Gronkowski in Week 2 of NFL action, and the star cornerback showed no discernible sign of fear. In fact, the Q&A session turned into a veritable wrestling promo with Ramsey exclaiming "I fear no man period!" Last week Ramsey's Jacksonville Jaguars conquered the New York Giants, earning him kudos from wideout Odell Beckham Jr -- They exchanged jerseys at the end of the game as a sign of mutual respect.

But this afternoon was back to his outspoken self, lambasting any opposition who flex on his turf, including the virtually "unguardable" Gronkowski. "So he's going to have to come out there and line up on me. Or however it goes. He's got to play us this year," he said of his star opponent. Last season, Jalen Ramsey tried to rouse his troops by undercutting Gronkowski's reputation.

Jalen Ramsey and Gronkowski were matched up against one another on a couple key possessions during last season's AFC Championship Game. History suggests that Ramsey, the linebacker corps, and the rest of the secondary were the victors in that matchup, even though the Patriots were the better team overall. During the AFC Championship Game, Gronkowski was limited to 21 receiving yards before leaving the game in a helmet-to-helmet collision. 

This week's Jags-Pats matchup takes place on Sunday at 4:25 pm. Bragging rights are on the line.