Dana White has been a huge Jake Paul hater ever since he started entering the world of boxing. White's hate for Paul was only increased when it was announced that Jake would get to fight former UFC Ben Askren. Leading up to the fight, White said that he would be $1 million on Askren to win, which was a bet that Paul tried to take up. Even Snoop Dogg claims he bet White on the fight, although Snoop says it was for $2 million instead of just one.

Last weekend, Jake officially won his fight against Askren and now, he wants White to pay up. In fact, according to TMZ, Paul took to his IG story recently where he called out White, demanding that he get paid his $1 million. It also looks like Jake wants White to pay Snoop as well.

What makes this callout interesting is the fact that there is no real proof that White placed an official bet with either of them. Everyone knows that White likes to say outrageous things as a way to promote fights and Paul is the exact same way. With this in mind, it should not come as a surprise that Jake would be taking this public, even if the actual bet might not exist in the first place.

For now, White is a lot more preoccupied with UFC 261 which will see a rematch between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman.