Jake Paul - not to be confused with his brother Logan Paul - lost out on million dollar deals because of Logan's vlog that saw him exploring the base of Mount Fiji, specifically the "suicide forest" that gained its name from the number of people who go there and take their lives. The video was all kinds of dark because Logan and his crew stumbled upon a real dead body and after being shocked and horrified, Logan added in a bit of humour. 

Logan was slammed numerous times on social media and all of his deals were stripped clean, and unfortunately, Jake also dealt with such issues because he was his brother. 

"It dramatically affected my business and everything – probably just as much as it affected him. People think we’re the same person. My name got looped into everything," he said on YouTuber Shane Dawson's documentary. "It really messed up things from an advertising stand-point, to brand deals and even to how the public views the whole Paul brothers. I felt all of it."

He added: "To give a little context. Two days after it happened I was supposed to be doing a brand deal for seven figures and that got taken away. Another seven-figure deal we had planned called and said, “Yeah we’re not doing that anymore. From a business stand-point, everything was really affected. From an emotional stand-point, I think I learned a lot. It was a lot for our family to go through, in general and it brought us a lot closer together."