It was confirmed this week that YouTuber Jake Paul would be continuing his burgeoning boxing career with his upcoming fight against UFC fighter Ben Askren in April. They'll be going head-to-head for a traditional match-up, which will be the main event of Triller Fight Club, and Jake Paul is already taunting the hell out of his opponent.

With two wins on his resume and the brutal knockout of Nate Robinson, Jake Paul is one of the hottest up-and-comers in boxing. He's been praised by Mike Tyson and countless others, and he's definitely no stranger to tooting his own horn. Warning Askren that he's going to make the fighter viral after he supposedly knocks him out in April, Paul revealed that he's allegedly been in contact with the fighter's wife via DM, also explaining why he accepted the fight with Askren.

"At the end of the day, this is why I took the fight because he's a legitimate pro and again, I'm a Disney channel actor YouTuber-kid," says Paul about the fight with Askren, who he describes as a "real" fighter. "My ultimate goal is to fight the Nate Diazs, the Conor McGregors-- those are all MMA guys. I think people will have to take me seriously after this fight and since I do want Diaz, since I do want McGregor, since I do want these people in the UFC, this is the first step to get there."

He continued taunting his opponent, claiming to have been in communication with Askren's wife.

"I've been DM'ing his wife a little bit on Instagram but I haven't been talking to Ben at all," said Jake. "She called me handsome so, I don't know, it seems kind of crazy but who knows what's going on in the Askren house right now."

Who do you think will win the bout? Jake Paul or Ben Askren? 

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