Jake Paul is gearing up for a fight against Ben Askren which is set to take place on April 17th. Askren has been out of the UFC for about a year and a half now, which means he will be coming into this fight a bit cold. Regardless, this is the first time Paul has actually had to go against a real fighter, which means we could be in for a very spirited tilt.

This past week, Paul was seen training with Jorge Masvidal who infamously knocked out Askren in record time. Paul is ready to break that previous record set by Masvidal and in his latest IG post, he revealed that he wants to take on another former Masvidal opponent, Nate Diaz.


"He knocked out my opponent @benaskren in 5 seconds and now will help me do it in less time.. @gamebredfighter is teaching me his secrets... April 17th the fight will last less than 4 seconds and then we coming for @natediaz209," Paul wrote.

Paul will need to dispatch Askren first before he even thinks about Diaz, although Paul Vs. Diaz would probably give us some incredible pre-fight antics. Either way, Masvidal will certainly have the keys to beating Diaz, as well.

Jake Paul

Michael Reaves/Getty Images