Being a wild, out of control person is a benefit when it comes to becoming a YouTube celebrity, and no one seems to have done it better than Jake and Logan Paul. 

Naturally, doing crazier and crazier stunts will result in some consequences. Logan Paul had quite a backlash after he filmed and uploaded a video of a the body man who had committed suicide in the Japanese "suicide forest." Logan took the video down, and despite the calls for his suspension from the site, he was only hit with a temporary demonetization on his YouTube videos. 

Now Jake is the one finding himself in hot water, and the consequences this time may cost a bit more than the ad money from a few videos. 

TMZ is reporting that Jake is being sued for a cool $2.5 million by Cobra Acquisitions, LLC, which owned the L.A. mansion that Jake was renting from them in 2016. They claim that Jake left the home in a state of wreckage, and are seeking damages.

Jake apparently left burn marks in the pool, dead landscaping, and busted cabinets, among other things. He also had a tendency to make life for his neighbors hell, and he reportedly turned the neighborhood into a "war zone," with all his pranks and stunts. 

Cobra alleges that Jake did not reveal that he was a YouTube prankster when he rented the house originally, but they must regret letting him rent the place. Maybe, with this lawsuit, he'll learn a very expensive lesson in personal responsibility.