Tommy Fury, the brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and a former star on Love Island, has been jonesing for a fight against Jake Paul over the last few weeks and Paul has certainly been giving him a ton of ammunition to work with. Fury is currently 5-0 in his career and he has yet another fight on the horizon. While Fury's opponents have mostly been bums, you can say the same thing about Paul, who hasn't fought against any real boxers.

Recently, Tyson and Tommy took to Instagram alongside Shaq, of all people, to challenge Jake to a boxing match. They claimed that the money is on the table and that Jake is a fake fighter if he doesn't take the challenge. This didn't sit right with Paul, who took to his Instagram with some harsh words for the Fury family.

Tommy Fury

James Chance/Getty Images

"The desperation is seeping through the pores of the Fury family," Paul said. "It's quite embarrassing. The heavyweight champion of the world is on Instagram, talking about Jake Paul, begging me to fight his brother. Listen Tommy, focus on your fight that's in a couple of weeks, that nobody even knows about by the way. You're literally picking someone to fight you in three weeks, who hasn't even been training. You don't even have an opponent who is going to go through a real camp. Fight someone real, do a real pay-per-view and then maybe we can chat."

Needless to say, Paul doesn't seem too interested in Fury right now, however, if Fury wins his next fight, maybe Paul will change his tune. After all, Fury is taking boxing seriously, and this could be the test that will give Jake some added legitimacy to his record.