At the presser for Logan Paul's upcoming fight against championship boxer Floyd Mayweather, an altercation took place between Mayweather and Paul's brother, YouTuber Jake Paul. At the culmination of the event, Floyd caught up to Jake Paul in the crowd, exchanging some tense words before Jake snatched the hat from atop the boxer's head, proudly exclaiming, "Gotcha hat," and running away like a little kid. Floyd instantly rushed the prankster and one of his security guards allegedly landed a clean punch on the troll, leaving him with a black eye. 

People have been reacting in droves to the altercation on social media, with some fans claiming that Jake Paul took the L. Regardless of who came out on the upper hand, Jake wants to remember the moment forever, getting his new catchphrase tattooed onto his leg directly following the incident.

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Posting a video of himself getting some work done while he enjoyed a sandwich, Jake Paul revealed that he had gotten a cap tattooed onto his lower leg with the words "Gotcha hat" right above. It seems like a pretty fitting addition to his growing ink collection, given the fact that much of Paul's recent career has been bolstered by his constant slander of the boxing legend.

After their little battle on Thursday, it's almost inevitable that Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather's bout will be one that will be viewed by the millions. Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming fight, as well as the match involving Logan Paul.

What do you think of Jake Paul's new tattoo?