Jake Paul is currently one of the biggest figures in the boxing world which is pretty hard to believe when you consider where he was just a few years ago. Regardless, all eyes are on Jake right now as he gets ready to fight former UFC fighter Ben Askren in what should be an interesting match. After his win against Nate Robinson, fans are expecting big things, and as a result, Paul has decided to work with some big names in order to get ready for his latest challenge.

For instance, Paul went on his Instagram story where he showcased a training session with former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. Holyfield is one of the biggest legends in boxing history, so it only makes sense that Paul would want to work with him. As you can see, Paul appears to be making solid progress.

While many remain skeptical about Paul's boxing career, it's clear that he is getting praise from some massive figures. After defeating Robinson, Mike Tyson told Paul that he was helping to renew interest in boxing and that he had the makings of a prizefighter.

If Paul defeats Askren, there is a real chance that he can get fights against real boxers, which would be the ultimate test of his talent. There are no guarantees but for now, so far so good.

Jake Paul

Michael Reaves/Getty Images