YouTuber Jake Paul says he is selling his house in California and leaving Los Angeles to focus on his boxing career.

Jake Paul, L.A.Michael Reaves / Getty Images

"The main reason for this is I'm stepping into a new chapter of my life where I am a legitimate pro fighter, and being in Los Angeles, there are so many distractions, there's so much going on, and it doesn't really allow me to focus on training," Paul explained in a new video uploaded to his YouTube page. 

“I have set many goals for myself throughout my life,” he continued “One of them was to become the biggest vlogger… This next goal is to become the biggest prize fighter in the world. That’s a large shoe to fill, and the only way to step into it is to fully immerse myself as a legitimate fighter.”

Paul has built a reputation for his impressive Calabasas home by throwing numerous parties throughout the coronavirus pandemic, despite breaking lockdown protocols at the time.

Paul didn't specify where exactly he will be moving to, but says he is “taking it day-by-day” for now. TMZ reports. however, that he is interested in Miami and is currently there touring potential landing spots.