Though the beef between Drake and Meek Mill barely lasted a couple of weeks, it was by far the most sensational event to happen in hip-hop all year. It's now two months after Meek Mill's Twitter fingers ran wild, and we thought the beef was long over with. Not so fast, says Jahlil Beats, who produced Meek's one and only diss track, "Wanna Know." 

Jahlil was the latest guest on CBS Radio's podcast, and, of course, he was grilled about the beef in which he was an indirect participant. First off, he alluded that Drake may not have had the last word with "Back to Back." 

"I don't think it's over," said Jahlil, "I know Meek Mill. This is the first real beef in the social media age. Two top artists. Meek is coming off a number one album. Drake been accomplishing so much." 

He also detailed the recording process behind "Wanna Know" and his sampling of The Undertaker's theme music, which ended up getting him and Meek into some trouble with the WWE

"I just thought sampling something like that would be a movie. It was like the entrance. It came from left field. I don't think people would even imagine him coming back to a beat like that. I knew it would throw people off."

Well, "Wanna Know" certainly threw off most of you HNHH users, and not in a good way. 

Do y'all really think Meek will come back with another diss record? Is it too late at this point? Hasn't he learned?? Or, perhaps, now that he's had some downtime, he can really bring that heat. 

Listen to the full podcast here, and sound off in the comments.