The Republican National Convention is in full swing today after the Democrats had their turn at attempting to convince the American public to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris last week. Speakers are advocating for the Right, and while Jaheim won't be taking to the RNC stage, he has been vocal about his support of President Donald Trump. The R&B singer surprised his fans recently by revealing his political leanings and advised others to set themselves free with the truth.

Jaheim, Trump, Politics
Scott Gries / Staff / Getty Images

Jaheim has given us classic tracks like "Just in Case" and "Put That Woman First," and his support for America's 45th president surprised fans."I'm used to the masses controlling these platforms, I'm used to you all throwing shade on me, called crackhead, uber driver etc. I can careless what you think of me because I have a real life, I am a force of the Most High Universal Creator," the singer wrote on Instagram.

"I just wanna apologize to @realdonaldtrump for all the misinformation since he's been in office we the people have turned our backs on this great man who been working effortlessly to restore the balance for the Republic and didn't even take a pay check." Jaheim is entitled to his opinions, but even so, his IG comments as well as Twitterverse lit up with reactions to his statements. Read through Jaheim's lengthy messages below and check out a few responses.