If you haven't been keeping up, the LA Leakers have been providing some quality freestyle sessions throughout the year. From 2 Chainz to Dreezy, rappers have been coming through the Power 106 studios to deliver some fire. Generally, we've been covering them as they drop, and while we've missed a few gems (looking at you Grafh), these sessions are always enjoyable.

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Today, South Central emcee Jag (formerly known as Chubby Jag) stopped by to spit over five minutes of heat, jumping on Jay-Z & Just Blazes' classic "Public Service Announcement" instrumental. And as his frequent collaborator Cassidy used to do, Jag wastes little time in dropping some bars:

"Options leave the brib with the beretta or the uzi, I'm rude, I knock bitches down and never said excuse me / facts, if I'm out with a bitch than the bitch hot, you kick rocks, my rap tore up the block I'm Chris Bosh / your big pop if you trip then your wig shot, big shots I get you beat on cam like Kid Rock / For real though I had to chill on n***as, I'm Rick Ross, I'm forced to put the pill on n***as / fuck a deal a n***a try to make a mill on n***as, LiAngelo Ball, I'm paid but still'll steal on n***as"

Admittedly, I'm new to Jag and his music, but this makes for a welcome introduction. Be sure to check out the video in full, especially if you're looking for a return of lyrical rap in 2018.