Jaden Smith's latest starring role sees the 20-year-old play a love interest and upcoming photographer in the coming of age tale, Skate Kitchen. The movie centres around a female skate crew, more specifically Camille, who strives to find her place in her newfound skate gang. Publications that have gotten their hands on the film before it's official August 10th release have resulted in calling Camille and her friends "tomboys" and Jaden isn't here for it. 

“I don’t vibe with that word because it has the word ‘boy’ in it,” Jaden said at the New York premiere on Tuesday. When asked what word would be better suited, he replied: “I’ll get back to you.”   

Writer/director Crystal Moselle made a point to explain that the skating ladies are "not tomboys! They’re just women."

“I think right now it’s time for equality, so making a film that is very female-centric and where they’re talking about issues that are really about women is important,” she explained. “I set out to accomplish their specific story, and it just happened to involve that theme, which is amazing and so current right now. So I’m really happy that I was able to be right on the zeitgeist with that.”

Peep an official trailer for the flick below.