Jaden Smith is turning into a young icon in his own right. He's the 19 year old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, which makes him Hollywood royalty. He's starred in films, established himself as an entrepreneur and had one of the most anticipated projects of 2017 which ultimately solidified himself as an overall creative. At this point, he's proving that whatever he sets his mind to, he will ultimately accomplish it. So it should come as no surprise that Jaden is gunning to make his mark in every creative medium possible.

Jaden Smith hit Twitter to reveal that his next venture in acting will be an international one. Smith tweeted that he wants to be in a Bollywood movie. It's a pretty interesting move considering that he's never shown much interest publicly. However, who are we to judge? At this point, if Snoop Dogg can land a role in a Bollywood film, Jaden Smith can as well.

The tweet ultimately received some pretty hilarious responses from the Twittersphere. Many users dropping memes with Jaden's head photoshopped onto the Bollywood theatrical posters. 

It's been a major year for Jaden Smith already and he already has big plans in 2018. In mid-November, he released his debut album Syre along with the stand-out visuals for "Icon" and "George Jeff. However, shortly after the album's release, he revealed that he'd be dropping the follow up to his debut album in 2018 and is also planning a corresponding film for the album. 

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