When you think of eccentric, genre-bending and boundary-pushing artists, a long list of names comes to mind. People like Kanye West fit perfectly on that list and others, like Jaden Smith, are breaking onto it as we write this. Kanye West has infiltrated so many different industries. He started in music, producing, rapping and innovating his way to becoming an icon. Then, he affected the world of fashion, breaking glass ceilings as a black designer and enjoying an immense level of success with Yeezy. Now, Kanye looks to be making his first move into the television sphere, producing a new series that sounds pretty interesting. And who is better to play a younger version of himself than Jaden Smith?

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

If Saint West were a little older, maybe he would be the ideal choice to play a young version of Kanye West but Ye isn't about to wait a decade to get this idea out into the world. As reported by Deadline, the multi-platinum recording artist is starting a career in television alongside Scooter Braun and his production company, commencing work on Omniverse. The anthology series has been picked up by Showtime and it is set to explore the many doors of perception. The first season of the series has been described as an exploration of the Ego through an alternate reality Kanye West. Jaden Smith, who recently dropped his surname from his musical moniker, will be playing West and is also a producer on the show.

This definitely sounds like it's worth tuning into. Kanye West is full of creative ideas and this might just be his next masterpiece. Are you excited?

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