In times of unrest, who better to restore a sense of wonder about the world than the young visionary Jaden Smith? Known for his profound Twitter musings, Jaden is constantly questioning the world around him, though there are certain truths about the earth that can even send his 18-year-old mind into a trance. He shares several such facts in a highly entertaining new video piece for Vanity Fair

"Did you know 50 percent of human DNA is shared with a banana?" says Jaden via voiceover narration while the camera films his mind being blown upon pondering the statistic. "How?" he faintly utters upon hearing his own voice tell him, "On Saturn and Jupiter, it rains diamonds." Below are a few more of the awesome truths that Jaden has enlightened us with. 

"You were once the youngest person in existence" 

"Sharks have been around longer than trees" 

"There are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards than there are atoms on earth" 

Amazing. More Life, please.